A Week at Harpole Pre-School

By Hannah & Kirsten (copies of their Facebook posts)

Day 1 – Monday

We brought the yummy baking bag back – those cheese chicks were fab & Hannah ate loads which given she doesn’t like cheese … 😂

We chose a different Busy Box to take home … one of 30 plus to choose from with toys/activities to do at home. Last one we had was felt dolls which she’d loved & before we’ve had paint sticks & Pom Pom sorting & more but I must confess I can’t remember them all.

Today I was working so got to see her in action 😊 After the register they went straight outside to play – the purple ladies aren’t rigid with activities & truly go with the flow – children’s moods, weather – see what will suit them best. Outside was great fun as there was a new toy 📞 & bubbles 🎉😊…. plus the usual bikes 🚲 & roller coasters, play equipment, playhouses & the marvellous mud kitchen.

Once inside again they had snack & free play with some structured & adult lead activities – I got my hair done 💇& makeup 💄 done several times in the role play corner. I looked amazing!

And after tidying up & just before lunch they had story time on the carpet – Hannah had brought in ‘George the Smartest Giant in Town’ & the purple ladies read her story 😊 The children are thinking about Animals this term & are encouraged to bring in books that look at or include the theme.
After lunch, home time.

Fabulous day at preschool! As always! More to share with you tomorrow (we picked up a wow ⭐️ to fill in)

Day 2 – Another fab day at Harpole Preschool 😊

We arrived early today, first thing picked out a book bag to take home 😊 ‘Stickman’ this time. It’s full of props to make the story come alive. It’s a tough choice as there are a few to choose from. Looking forward to reading & acting it out for story time tomorrow evening.

Today I was lucky enough to be working again & I had a wonderful day at Forest Schools. It really was so much fun … for me 😊 & the children (Hannah goes Thursday 😊👍(hope she gets the same fab weather)) We were hunting for ladybirds 🐞 in the forest, searching under wood for mini beasts (do mice 🐭count as mini beasts 🤔😂 2 popped out to give some of the children & one of the parent helpers a shock 😊 they were very excited to tell me about it) and making our own clay mini beasts – messy but fun. Oh and hill rolling & flower spotting & climbing & balancing & … list goes on) All could only be persuaded to leave with the rumble of tummies for lunch 🍴

As for Hannah … well she spent a lot of time outdoors again, with yet more new toys … parachute games & colour stepping stones.

In doors she told me she did singing with Emily who visits every week. Her favourite song is the Rainbow 🌈 song 😊 The children can choose to join in or not … most do … they love a good sing song 😆

We wrote her a Wow star ⭐️ which she’ll get at register tomorrow. The Purple Ladies love celebrating the children’s Wow moments … especially those that they hear about from home. This time I wrote about Hannah washing up … she’s not done it before & did a fab job 👍

At home I managed to grab a photo of her playing with the dolls from her busy box with Isobel 😍 They played so well together, sharing the dolls.

It was a bit of a busy & late evening as we had parents evening. So lovely to hear how she’s getting on & getting to see all of the evidence in her folder to support her clear development & progression. The Purple Ladies never miss a moment when the children say or do something that shows their progression. They don’t just look for it in set activities. Lots of lovely photos of her getting involved.

And Hannah loved showing daddy around & showing him her story in the children’s story book (fairies in Wales) & her ‘About me book’. There are so many lovely touches at Harpole Preschool – they don’t just write a story, put it on the wall & file it at the end of term… it’s there on the story book trolley! 😍

Day 3 – A ‘normal’ day at Harpole Preschool

There’s not such thing, every day is different & fun 😊

We started early with a read of our story from the story bag. She was very keen so please excuse her being in a dressing gown 🙄 She loved the felt stick people & we started looking for other props from her toys to add … so we had a treehouse tree 🌳 for their home, Paw Patrols Sky as the dog 🐶, princess castle for the sand castle 🏰 … it kept us going for quite a while 😊She was being very creative with her character ideas.

At Preschool she got her star ⭐️ … at register time she stood up at the front with a purple lady to tell everyone why she had been given a star (the purple lady will read it out if the child feels shy ☺️). The children love standing at the front & you can see them get more confident … saying more to the group about why they got a star the more they do it 😊

Today they did more outdoor playing & even had snack outdoors … yummy mousse … as the weather was so lovely ☀️ and when indoors they got back to their free play & choice of adult leaf activities.

I’m keeping it short today only because it’s late & I did waffle yesterday.

But I would like to add one more fabulous point about yesterday … the preschool have Ellie to visit who works one to one or in groups with some of the children. Ellie is fantastic. The preschool ask her to do a talk to preschool leaver parents about the importance of playing over the summer before school … and it was an amazing talk. I sat through the one when Isobel left & I’ll sit in again for Hannah. It just made so much sense … by playing they build key skills – physical, emotional etc that help them in learning. For example … climbing a wall at the Playingfields builds finger strength that helps with writing … perfect sense when it’s pointed out to you 😊 There is so much to gain as a parent from the talk & we’re very lucky that the preschool put the talk on for us.

More tomorrow… forest schools for Hannah

Day 3 – At Harpole Preschool & the weather was lovely for forest schools

She still had her wellies out ready for me though – she knows what she’s doing 😂

Thursday was Forest School day for Hannah. She jumped out of bed as it’s forest school day & loved telling me … again 🙄😂 … that they go in a minibus. She’s very good … telling me I must have my hat mummy & sun lotion… I don’t want to burn. She makes no fuss, despite the lovely weather ☀️🎉 about long sleeves & trousers which they advise to protect legs & arms from scratches.

She stays all day on a Thursday … 9-3.30 & tells me it’s cause she’s a big girl now 😍 I heard all about her day when I picked her up.

She had great fun at forest schools finding mini beasts 🐞 but not making a clay one … she ran out of time I think 🤔… she didn’t mind though as it was up to her & clearly she was too busy searching for the real thing. She told me that she found some fairy beds (baby bird feathers) & baby hedgehogs – ‘although mummy they aren’t real … they have food inside’ (sweet chestnuts though she couldn’t remember the name)

In the afternoon they went out ‘2 times mummy! 2 times!’ 😂😍 She loves the outdoor area … she’s built her confidence on balance bikes there. At home she wasn’t great on her balance bike but then I got to see her at preschool once & realised she was practising at preschool. Now she’s a pro 🚴🏿

And of course she loves the mud kitchen 😂 It’s all undercover so the children can play happily whatever the weather.

So that’s Hannah’s week at preschool. She doesn’t go in Fridays … although she often walks up there with her friends that do … and asks if she can stay. But fridays are gym day & our day together 😍

She loves Harpole Preschool. I think it’s fabulous & the evidence of children’s development says it all … it’s a fantastic place for child to grow & develop because they are happy & engaged … so much to do. And the Preschool/home link is so good as well with so many take home activity options & great communication – talk to a purple lady, use the communication book, read the termly newsletter or the weekly email updates 😊

I can’t recommend it enough!

A bit more from Hannah and Kirsten

I thought I’d share a bit more about Harpole Preschool as Hannah had soooo much fun the other day. Plus I thought I should share all the other bits that I love from a community point of view 😊

The fun involved painting…. but with her feet 😂 She was so excited to tell Isobel & daddy… ‘Isobel, guess what we did today! We got our feet in paint & walked on paper. And Fiona & Sharon did it too 😂’ I was working again 😊👍so had the pleasure of seeing their excited faces when invited to have a go! Not everyone wanted to do it so some watched a bit … encouraged to watch by the purple ladies so that they could make up there minds knowing what it was about. Getting messy isn’t for everyone … but it certainly is one of Hannah’s favourite things to do 😂

And when not painting they were playing with robotic bugs … which they loved. Some were the small nanobugs & so they were building tunnels & mazes for the bugs to wonder around. The others were remote control bees 🐝 & ladybirds 🐞. A few of those enjoyed nibbling my ankles & chasing me 😂 Lots of fun 😊

Oh and I got fed bug biscuits … play dough biscuits with bugs hidden in for me to find. Hannah thought this was particularly funny 🤔😊 There were ants 🐜 & millipedes & spiders 🕷 … all sorts & the children knew the names of most of them. Always important to know what your feeding someone 😂

And the other part of Harpole Preschool that I thought important to share … the community. They have a fantastic committee & have great fund raising activities to get the parents & community together. There is the Pamper night (a favourite of mine) & the Fish & Chip Quiz night … always a sell out 😊 They support the village Scarecrow festival by running the bbq & run termly afternoon teas which are well worth attending for Sharons cakes alone (although lots of volunteers bake & I’ve always struggled to choose & have never had a bad one 😊)

There are so many great things to enjoy at the preschool … for the children & parents. I’ll be so sad when Hannah leaves, I’ve no doubt I’ll have tears 😢 at the graduation day 👩🎓 (another extra touch that makes the leavers feel grown up & special)