Snack and lunch times

Children are learning all the time and during their snack and lunch times at Harpole Pre-school we encourage them to be independent and the staff demonstrate and encourage the behaviours we would like to see from them at meal times. The children wash their hands before snack and lunch to learn about the importance of good hygiene and they have snacks with their peers to develop their social skills.  Lunchtimes are with staff as well as their peers and the children are encouraged to practise their socialising and conversational skills while remaining focused on the important task of eating lunch. The staff help by demonstrating behaviour and eating with the children. They assist the children but encourage them to try first so that they can gain their independence in feeding themselves.

At pre-school we encourage a healthy lifestyle and as part of this we encourage healthy eating, both during snack time and during lunchtimes. We ensure we offer children a healthy snack during each session, with a variety of different food groups being catered for. Menus for the term are displayed on the notice board.

With snack we offer a choice of milk or water.

We have policies and procedures in place to ensure your child’s health and safety at these times and if they have any allergies this will be incorporated in our snack planning.

Lunch times run between 12.00pm and 1.00pm and all children within the setting at this time eat together with the staff.  Lunch needs to be provided by parents in the form of a healthy packed lunch in a named lunch bag which is placed on our lunch trolley.  We ask that the children’s packed lunches do not include fizzy drinks or sweets. Please see the link for examples of healthy eating. Any perishable items can be stored in the fridge, however we encourage the use of frozen ice-packs within lunch boxes.

Please remember to name lunch boxes.

Lunches need to be booked in advance wherever possible, booking forms will be distributed in September, December and March for the following terms to coincide with the Early Years Free Entitlement Funding Scheme.  This ensures that those eligible for voucher funding can include the lunch sessions within their entitlement if they so wish.

Ad-hoc lunches are available should they be required subject to ratio requirements, forms can be obtained from the group and need to be completed and monies paid on booking.