Collection times will vary with some children going home at 12.00pm and some staying until after lunch, leaving at 1.00pm.   Upon collection please collect your child’s belongings from their pegs and wait outside the relevant room until a member of staff allows you access.   Once the doors are opened, we ask that parents/carers come right into the room to where the children are sitting, this allows for less congestion and children do not leave the room without you making it safer for everyone. Staff are available at this time should you wish for a quick chat.

Please remember that children staying for lunch cannot start their lunch preparations while those going home are waiting for collection, therefore a prompt pick-up is always appreciated. We would also appreciate a quick call if you are going to be late collecting your child; we are then able to pass these messages onto the children to stop them worrying.

If for any reason you have someone else collecting your child please ensure you tell a member of staff when dropping off and ensure you complete the relevant collection log, this only has to be done when the collecting person is not listed on your registration form. PLEASE NOTE: Any person collecting your child will be asked for the pre-agreed password, without this we will not be able to relinquish care to them.

NB: Please remember to keep the gate to the street closed after entering the premises to prevent children running out onto the road.