Key-person and Learning Journeys

We operate a key-person system at pre-school to ensure your child has
a member of staff who is responsible for their care and education. This person will endeavour to get to know you and your child over their time with us. They will be available to discuss progress, achievements and any additional information or concerns that you may have.

Your key-person will observe and keep the appropriate records regarding your child’s progress and achievements. This document is known as a Learning Journey and is kept confidential, you are welcome to view your child’s journey at any time and there is a section for parents, should you wish to write any comments in them.

The Learning Journey not only helps us to plan appropriate play activities and experiences for your child based on their interests, stages of development and learning, but is also a way Ofsted can gauge the effectiveness on the group in meeting the Early Years Foundation Stage. They also help us to complete the transition documents that will be passed onto school at the relevant time, as well as making a lovely memory album of the time your child spends with us.

We also operate a home to school book for the sharing of important information between the setting and parents/carers. We encourage you to use this book and to leave it on the register at drop off. Staff are still available for informal chats and the sharing of information when you drop off or collect to ensure there are plenty of opportunities to discuss any matters arising.