At Harpole Preschool we feel that communication is so important.  We wish to be open and transparent and to keep parents up to date and informed about what is happening at preschool and about how their child is settling in and progressing.  As such we have created numerous ways to communicate.

Face to Face Chats
We welcome face to face chats both at drop off and collection.  These can be busy times therefore you may find it easier to let us know in advance if you need more than a brief chat and your child’s key worker or one of the management team can ensure that a set time is put aside for this.  However, we do hold a parents evening in term 5, at which we will chat in length to you about your child, how they’ve settled and how they are progressing and developing.

Communication Book
For those things that you feel need less face to face communication but need addressing we do have a communication book.  In this book you can write notes for the staff to read and be aware of and you can ask the staff for responses to concerns or things that have interested you.  Please ensure that you complete this before entering the setting and leave the book on top of the register so that the staff are aware that there is something to address in it.  

When your child is poorly, isn’t going to attend their session on a particular day or if you will be dropping them off late or collecting them early please let us know in advance if at all possible.  Ideally we’d appreciate an email at, however if this isn’t possible please give us a call on 07497593241.  It may be that you need to leave us a message however we will get back to you as soon as we can if it’s necessary.  

The Management Team is happy to receive emails to address any concerns and to respond to questions therefore please use the appropriate email address as listed below …

Business Manager – – Questions about funding, invoices and sessions.

Preschool Manager and Room Leader for Butterflies and Caterpillars –

Deputy Preschool Manager and Room Leader for Bumblebees –

In order to prepare you for the up and coming events and activities at preschool we have a termly newsletter that is handed out to each parent at the start of a new term.  In this newsletter you will find lots of important information including key dates and an overview of the topics and areas of development that will be targeted over the term.  Please read it and keep it somewhere handy.  However if you have misplaced it please find the latest edition here.

Weekly Updates and Facebook
We are keen that you read and keep hold of the newsletter for reference but we know what lives are like and as such we do have weekly email updates, just to remind everyone of anything important they need to remember for the following week.  And we have a Public and Private Facebook page so that you can always take a look there for any key dates or activities that you need to keep an eye out for.  The private Facebook page is one that is for parents and carers of children attending the setting in any one year.  It is recreated every September so please request to rejoin each year if your child is still in the setting.  It is a great way to communicate with us and other parents so we recommend joining us if you use Facebook.

Follow this link for the public Facebook page.

There is also a closed Facebook page that as a current parent or carer you can request to join.

WOW Stars
If you’d like us to celebrate one of your child’s successes at home, please use a WoW star as we love sharing their successes with all of the purple ladies and children therefore we look at these at register time. This helps develop their confidence in standing in front of a group and fills them with pride.  Please find the stars in a bag on the stationary trolley as you enter the room and leave the completed star on top of the register.