Drop Off

Drop off and collections times can be quite busy as you can imagine, please drive and park as safely as possible, respecting other road users, residents and of course any children and their families. The Methodist chapel also has functions held on a Monday and Tuesday and they would appreciate our co-operation in not using their parking facilities.

When bringing children to their sessions, please hang their bags and coats on their named pegs and line up outside the relevant door.

Doors will be opened at 9.00am when you and your child will be welcomed by a staff member, at this time we like to encourage a prompt drop off in order for staff to settle the children and then begin activities.     However we are aware of instances when children or parents need extra comfort, if this is the case, please speak to a member of staff who will offer the relevant assistance suitable to you and your child. While waiting for sessions to start we ask that children are not allowed to run around the building, this will avoid any bumps and also as a courtesy to other hall users.

Doors will be locked at 9.15am, should you be later than this please ring the intercom system by the front gate.  If you need to come into pre-school to drop off or collect your child at a different time please ring the bell at the gate and wait for a member of staff to respond as all doors are locked securely during session time.