Parental Involvement

Getting parents involved in Harpole Preschool is something that we feel is very important.  We completely understand that as a parent you will have 101 other things to do so we’ve created numerous was for you to be involved.  The value to us and to your child when you get involved …well its priceless.  Its supports us and your child and it shows your child that your interested in them and what they are up to when they are away from you.

So how can you get involved…

Firstly there is the big and probably obvious one that is hard sometimes to do but so important – enjoy finding out about your child’s day and encourage them to tell you all about it.  And equally encourage your child to share with us all about what they get up to at home.  How about writing them a WoW star so that they can tell us about their successes at home? Why not support the creation of your child’s ‘All About Me’book with photos all about them (we do give guidance on this) and then enjoy looking through it with them at a pick up or drop off sometime.

There are also lots of other ways to share preschool at home and home with preschool. Borrow a busy box,  book bag or book and enjoy the experiences and learning with your children who will then tell us all about it.  And there is the baking bag which supports the children’s learning and they get so excited about getting it.  They always promise us some of the goods that they bake but we have to guess that they are so good they don’t make it out of the house as we rarely see them.  The baking bags are created to make it as simple as possible for you and your child to make use of.

Another way to get involved is by joining our Fund Raising Committee.   Many of our lovely parents and carers over the years have been part of our Fundraising Committee.  It has become a great way to meet the other parents and there are some great fundraisers that get organised so you end up have fun when you get involved.  New parents are always greatly appreciated as they bring great support and ideas.  And all of this hard work leads to some amazing pots of cash being raised that help us to develop the preschool to support your childs learning and development.

Maybe if you’ve not got the time to commit to the Fundraising Committee perhaps you could support them by attending the fabulous events that they organize.  They run a few regular events such as the Pamper Evening and the Fish and Chip Quiz night which are both popular evenings and then there are always other events throughout the year.

Moving on  to a big one … you could volunteer for a session. Come along and see what your child and the other children get up to.  One of the main activities where this is so important is with Forest Schools. The children get so excited about their parents or carers getting involved and love showing them what Preschools all about.

But if you can’t volunteer your time during preschool hours, perhaps you could volunteer a skill that you have.  We are forever in need of support from others and their skills, everything from fixing a fence, to building mud kitchens to crocheting us Easter eggs and painting us rocks.  Over the years we have had so many kind and generous offers from the parents and carers of our preschool children and we would be lost without this.  So we would welcome more of your wonderful skills.