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Drop off and Collection
Drop off and collections times can be busy therefore please drive and park as safely as possible, respecting other road users, residents and of course any children and their families. There are various functions held at  the Methodist chapel so they would appreciate our co-operation in not using their parking facilities.

Doors will be opened at 9.00am when a staff member will welcome you and your child.  Please hang their bags and coats on their named pegs and place their lunchbox on to the lunch trolley if they are staying for lunch.  When entering your child’s room we like to encourage a prompt drop off in order for staff to settle the children and then begin activities, however we are aware of instances when children or parents need extra comfort and if this is the case, please speak to a member of staff who will offer the relevant assistance suitable to you and your child. 

We aim to lock the doors at 9.15am therefore if you arrive later than this please ring the doorbell at the front gate and a member of staff will come to greet you as soon as they can.  If you need to drop off or collect your child at a different time please do your best to let us know in advance, even if it is on the morning of their session that will be affected.  Again, in this instance when you arrive, please ring the bell at the gate and wait for a member of staff to respond as all doors are locked securely during session time.  If we know that you are collecting your child early we will try to ensure that they are ready for collection and at the very least bring them down to you at the gate. This may take a few moments longer therefore please bear with us.

Collection times vary with some children going home at 12.00pm, some leaving after lunch at 1pm and others leaving at 3.30 on Thursdays and Fridays.  A member of staff will open the gate at the relevant.  When you arrive, please collect your child’s belongings from their pegs and wait outside the appropriate room until a member of staff allows you access.   Once the doors are opened, we ask that parents/carers come right into the room to where the children are sitting as this allows for less congestion.  Staff are available at this time should you wish to have a quick chat.

Please remember that children staying for lunch cannot start their lunch preparations while those going home are waiting for collection, therefore a prompt pick-up is always appreciated. We would also appreciate a quick call if you are going to be late collecting your child; we are then able to pass these messages onto the children to stop them worrying.

If for any reason you have someone else collecting your child please ensure you tell a member of staff when dropping off and ensure you complete the relevant collection log if the collecting person is not listed on your registration form. PLEASE NOTE: Any person collecting your child will be asked for the pre-agreed password.  Without this we will not be able to relinquish care to them.