What Makes Us Special

At Harpole Preschool we feel that we offer so many things that makes us an extra special setting to attend.

• Betty Bear, Barney Bear and Lucy Lion
Take home Betty, Barney or Lucy and share a bit of life at home with them … and then they can tell us all about their visit through your child’s pictures, words and photos.

• Baking bags
All you need to make tasty treats at home. Most of the ingredient and utensils, as well as simple step-by-step instructions. You’ll make some fabulous treats and you won’t want to share them. We know as we very rarely get to taste them ourselves despite the promises.

• Busy boxes
Over 30 to choose from. The children love taking the lovely suitcases home let alone playing with what’s inside. There are a range of activities to choose from such as puppets, jigsaws, pom pom sorting and measuring cups. All with instructions and clear guidance on how the activities can help your child’s development.

• Forest Schools
Every Spring the preschool take the Butterflies (Preschoolers) off to the Forest to explore with Everden Activity Centre. The children have an amazing time trying things out from rolling down hills, to finding bugs and even toasting marshmallows.

• Book bags and book lending
Don’t have time to go to the library or bored with the books at home? Then borrow a book from preschool or even better borrow a book bag with props and puppets to make the story come to live.

• Mud kitchen and outdoor area
The mud kitchen is a favourite with the children… and of course as they get to make mud pies and feed them to the Purple Ladies. But there is not only the mud kitchen to explore outside but so much more. There are play houses, slides, sand play, bikes, bats and balls, hula hoops and lots more.

• Our events
We have a lot going on to getting parents and carers and the local community involved with the preschool. We run charity coffee mornings, pamper evenings, quiz nights and a cheese and wine night.

• Graduation
Perhaps one of ours proudest and saddest days – celebrating the wonderful time the children have spent with us, showing off how amazing they are and saying good bye to them as they set off on their next exciting journey.

• Sports day
A wonderful opportunity to get the whole family out to see your little ones in action as they complete a toddler obstacle course and numerous fun races at the village playing fields.  Even the Purple Ladies have to complete a novelty race… it’s always very funny.

• Trips out
There is so much that Harpole itself has to offer and we make sure the children get to see and experience this with trips to see the lambs, nature walks, trips to the playing fields, school visits and strawberry picking.

• Christmas production
One of the proudest and most fun moments for the purple ladies as the children create a wonderful bit of festive fun. They are beautifully choreographed and particularly unique – you never know quite what is going to happen even when you know the script.

• Party, party time
We run 2 party days for the children and we have lots of fun. One for Christmas where Santa even stops by to say hello and one for the end of the year so that we finish on a big bang.

• Celebrating everything everyone celebrates
We celebrate all sorts of events at preschool, everything from birthdays to new siblings being born to religious celebrations. We’re always open to finding out more about the diverse cultures we all have.

• Purple Ladies
The Purple ladies are there for your children. Nearly all are qualified to level 3 and above and they are caring, approachable and hard working. They are there to do the very best they can for the children and they will do all they can to help them to develop and feel cared for.