A wonderful caring environment that enhances the development of my child. We couldn’t be happier with the Pre-School and huge thanks to the purple ladies.

Bumblebee parent 2021

I could not be happier and more grateful for all you provide at Pre-School.  The children are so well cared for, but more than that, well loved by you all.  So heartwarming, thank you.

Butterfly Parent 2021

Just wanted to say how happy we are to have been able to send our daughter to Pre-School.  We’ve seen her confidence grow immensely.  Thanks for everything you do, always above and beyond with passion and a smile, we’re extremely grateful.

Butterfly Parent 2021

Harpole pre-school is amazing! The purple ladies go above and beyond in every aspect to ensure that the children learn and have fun in a caring and warm environment. They are incredibly kind and it is clearly evident about how much they care about each individual child. The little trips out, the activities which you can take home, the ever-changing role play stations in each room…our boys have loved attending and have come on so much in confidence and in their entry learning – our eldest kept asking when he would Harpole Pre-School Kind Hands, Kind Hearts, Fun Learning Parental Questionnaire ‘be allowed’ to attend more. We couldn’t have asked for a better start for our boys.

Parent, July 2019

Harpole is a wonderful Pre-school and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Sharon and the Purple Ladies look after the children as if they are their own, and they are always friendly and approachable. Such a lot of hard work goes into preparing the activities and trips and it really shows. The children love going into pre-school each morning and they can’t wait to tell you what they’ve been up to. Activities such as strawberry picking, busy boxes, looking after the class bear, forest school, Christmas shows and much more. All special memories for my daughter and our family during those precious pre-school years that go so fast!

Parent, July 2019

Harpole Preschool is a truly magical place. I have never come across anywhere quite like it, as a professional or as a parent; the staff are knowledgeable, trustworthy and experienced and this shows is all they do. More importantly, they are hugely warm and caring, and the genuine affection for the children in their care is truly heart-warming, We as a family can’t thanks the Purple Ladies enough for all they have done – they will forever be an important part of our child’s life, and we will miss them all.

Our only regret is not finding Harpole Preschool sooner.

Parent, July 2019

Both my daughters attended Harpole Preschool so as a parent I was part of the Preschool community for over 5 years. Both my girls loved going to Preschool, they developed personally and socially with the love and care of the Purple Ladies.The level of creativity, learning through play and philosophy of kindness shines out and both my girls have grown into incredible (full of personality!!) little humans which I firmly believe Harpole Preschool had a massive input in.It is like a family that is accepting and supportive to all inc the parents. The children come first and without a doubt if I were to do it all again (although no more babies for me thanks!!) I would choose Harpole Preschool all over again. Thank you Purple Ladies, I will truly miss having you in my girls lives and despite having a heavy heart that this chapter has come to an end I know that you will live on in my children’s imaginations, freedom to be creative and kindness.

Parent, July 2019

In my experience of working with Harpole Preschool all children with SEND are valued and invested in. Their needs are identified early with good forward planning and strong support for successful transitions, all available additional professionals and avenues of support are offered to families and advice from professionals and SEND programmes are co ordinated and carried out in a consistently clear and organised way. Families are supported and have strong and trusting relationships with the SENCo who has the experience to individualise her approach and pace in line with each family’s state of readiness. Staff as a team are keen to learn new insights and strategies to support children with SEND, all take part in working with children with additional needs and are welcoming and positive to outside professionals visiting, readily sharing their observations and incorporating suggestions for individual children into their practice.

It is noticeable when I visit the preschool that the children often greet and smile at new adults and are keen to involve them in their play, demonstrating their experience of staff at preschool being interested, responsive and keen to play with them. It is rare to see a child in the room not engaged and busy. Staff are warm in their interactions with the children and the quality of relationships between staff and children is apparent. This has been particularly supportive to the inclusion of children with SEND whom I have visited in the setting.

Ellie Collar, Early Years Sen

Stephen had lots of fun playing with the playdough. He told me all the colours when he was rolling it out and making shapes

Parent July 2019 ref Busy Box 3

Elissa absolutely loved this box! Her and her older brother have spent hours playing with it, sorting the colours and fruits and racing each other using the timer. Thank you so much

Parent July 2019 ref Busy Box 8